My collection of The Grisha Trilogy by lbardugo <3 There is a lot of books, which you see above. And a bit of gorgeous swag. And lots of gorgeous jewelry by hebeldesign :D And I write a lot in my blog posts as well. Also, macteenbooks is the best publisher. Just so you know :) I also adore the UK publisher, fiercefiction <3

Check it all out here. <3

This might be one of my favorite How To Train Your Dragon 2 promo pictures, hih. <3 SO excited for this movie. Beyond excited. It will be the best movie. I just cannot wait. <3

Percy Jackson

Back in March I read all the Percy Jackson books for the first time. All nine of them. And I loved them to pieces. I thought that each and every one of them were amazing. And right now I’m just dying to read The Blood of Olympus. <3 That book cannot get here fast enough. Anyway. I just wanted to share my reviews with you all :) Links below to my blog. <3 Also, my fancast choice for Percy and Annabeth can be found here :)

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan
The Titan’s Curse by Rick Riordan
The Battle of the Labyrinth by Rick Riordan
The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan

The Demigod Files by Rick Riordan

The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan
The Son of Neptune by Rick Riordan
The Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
The House of Hades by Rick Riordan

This is my Percy and Annabeth. They are just so adorable! I love Hiccup and Astrid. And now that I have read the Percy Jackson books, I just knew that they would be my Percy and Annabeth. Sigh. I cannot wait for The Blood of Olympus. <3 And How To Train Your Dragon 2 :)


Speaking of art, today my friend Jackson Pearce’s book TSARINA comes out (under her pen name J. Nelle Patrick). I took the liberty of ordering an extra copy to give away. What, I thought, would be a good way to enhance the beauty and thrill of the text inside?


so here we have myself riding a moose drawn in this copy. I have also signed it. This is how friendship works, and if you are not finding yourself doing this regularly, you need to step back and ask myself, “am I good friend? Am I someone I’d like to know?”

If you would like to win the Moose Tsarina, either reblog this or tweet the cover (er, if you’re a twitter person, better hashtag it #winamoose so I see it). Then I’ll pick a random winner at 9 p.m. EST today (Feb 27th). Yes, it’s international, yes, it’s signed by me and not by Jackson.

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